Sleeve Panic!

So, for some reason, tonight I convinced myself that the sleeve of my jumper was supposed to be 19 Inches. Had a little panic attack when I measured mine and found it to be 25.5 inches! What kind of chimpanzee jumper am I making!?

Frantically I looked up my pattern (while mentally ripping back over 6 inches). It’s OK! Panic over! The increase section is supposed to be 18 inches and the decrease section should be 7.5 inches, so should be 25.5 inches exactly! Phew! The only thing is when I measure it against my arm it does still seem quite long. Perhaps I have arms shorter than the average person? 

I’m having a bit of a dilemma over it, if I try and shorten the sleeve, I assume I will have to shorten the section before the decreases? So much time! I also don’t want to put it all together, after going back, and then realise that I’ve made them too short! Is it possible to lose length during blocking? Mine definitely stretched quite a lot wide ways when I blocked my swatches, I didn’t really pay attention to the length, but if it stretches wide ways, then does that mean it must shrink length ways? Or am I just hoping? 

The picture on the pattern looks like the jumper is supposed to have quite a wide neckline, but when I position mine along my arm it gets pretty close to my neck already, and there is still 2 inches of neckband to go. I might have an idea though, if I block it and put it all together and find that I don’t want the sleeves to be much longer, could I do a 1 inch neckband instead of a 2 inch one? I feel like an inch is still quite broad, so won’t look like it’s not enough.

I will have a think about it. I can at least continue with the second sleeve for a little longer while I decide. I really need to make some more progress this week! I was quite distracted last week. Had a busy week at work and then had a busy (but very fun) weekend. I really want to be able to wear my jumper in Norway! 24 days to go!

Night night for now!


9 thoughts on “Sleeve Panic!

  1. As a beginner I’ve had this problem and had to unravel sleeves until I got the right length. You definitely have to shorten the main bit of the sleeve not the decreasing bit. Hope someone experienced answers your question.
    Good luck!

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  2. I make my sweater sleeves 17.5 or 18 inches long. That is the length up to the underarm and then you start decreasing for the part that covers the shoulder. I think you will be fine. Do not pull the sleeves to be longer when you block it. Good luck.

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  3. What I do if I’m worried about pieces getting too big/think they’re perfect the way they are, when I go to block them, I just don’t pin them! It may still grow a little bit, but not as much as it would pinned

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