More Colourwork Progress!


This time I tried the fair isle method. I only had two colours but had a lot more to concentrate on. I’ve never read one of these patterns before. My biggest hurdle was remembering to read the knit rows right to left and the purl rows left to right. (I hope I got that right!) There were a few occasions where I realised I had gone the wrong way at the end of the row, so just completed that section backwards (naughty/lazy of me, but it worked out fine in the end).

I went for the technique of holding both strands in my right hand but on different fingers. I tried holding one in each hand but with no success. I would say it felt like writing with your left hand when you are a right-hander. I just could not get it! I’m still finding the two strands awkward even when they are both on my right hand, but I’m getting there. I also think that I might hold my needles strangely. I’ve kind of had to work out my own way of using each strand because my hands don’t really match my book, but I figure, does it really matter as long as I get there in the end? Probably not.

Anyway, I didn’t really have a productive day at work today so came home, cleaned the flat, updated you guys and am planning on getting some knitting in before bed to make up for it. I feel better already.

Hope everyone’s knitting is going well.


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