My Home-time Project

For Christmas I got a “knit a friend” set (I don’t know if my family are trying to tell me something). It’s a monkey and he is so cute! I love monkeys. I’m going to name him Mylo. I’ve decided that it is the perfect project to leave at my mum’s house. That way, if I forget my knitting when I come visit, I always have something to do.

He is a bit of a challenge. Has anyone tried knitting with furry wool before?

It’s so hard! I couldn’t even tell what side was the right and wrong side! I might never know if I made a mistake in these sections. I suppose that’s a good thing though?

I have a nose piece, an eye piece, his cheeks, two arms and two legs. I’m about to start on his tail this evening. Here is a picture of his limbs.

In other news, my sleeve is coming along nicely. I’m past the elbow!

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend,


13 thoughts on “My Home-time Project

  1. I used some yarn very similar to that when I was re-learning to knit back in 2006. I was carrying two balls of a brown color in the store, and another customer thought I was holding a small dog! I guess if you can knit that stuff, you can knit with anything! I’m sure your monkey will be adorable when finished. And if you’d like some more furry wool, I’ve still got some in turquoise… πŸ˜‰

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  2. Good luck with the monkey! This yarn looks like Rico fashion fur (or something similar) I knitted a jumper in this a few years back, and was tricky to get going with… But once I found a rhythm it was ok! You begin to get a feel for the “ribbon” of the yarn which helps.
    Good luck! :/)

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  3. I started knitting a vest with Wendy Chic and yes, that feeling of yarn sort of slipping softly through my fingers was really unusual at first, but as the work progressed I got used to it. So just keep on knitting – can’t wait to see your knit friend completed! ツ

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  4. I think your monkey is going to be really really cute.
    I have knitted with furry yarn once, it was just pieces for a cushion. But not easy, and I dropped stitches. I think its a bit of a skill. And your yarn is dark to, so it will be a bit harder even. All the best, as I know it will be very pretty. Cute!!

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