A Lot of Un-Knitting

The last few days have brought a lot of progress with my jumper. I’ve been taking my knitting on the bus to work, so have had quite a lot of extra time for it. 

Tonight wasn’t so great though.

First, it was getting half way through a knit row before realising that I forgot the increase on the first stitch. Sigh!

Next up, I realised that the knit row was supposed to be a purl row. Cue, first row of un-knitting. During this I came across a confusing stitch that was difficult to un-knit. I don’t have a lot of experience in fixing mistakes, so I wasn’t sure what was wrong. It was like there were two loops where there should only be one once I had released the stitch on the row I was taking out. I was going to ignore it, but it was definitely going to bug me, so I knew I had to work it out. Plus, that way I would learn something! 

Looking at the area around the stitch in question, I thought it looked like there was a stitch missing. So, off I go un-knitting (or un-purling, actually). I was right! Yippee! I didn’t undo it all for nothing!

I have now re-done all the rows I had un-done and am glad I went back. Also, if I hadn’t have knit that purl row, I might not have noticed until I was much further on (or at all, but let’s not dwell on that). I’m also not sure of the consequences of missing a stitch. Unwravelling? Oh, the horror!

I’m now onto the stocking stitch section (37 rows) and then it’s just the decreases for the sleeves.

I used to be very intimidated about having to fix any kind of mistake in my knitting. I’m confident enough to undo stitches now (it’s just really annoying). I also now know what a dropped stitch looks like and how to fix it. After I get rid of the initial frustration, I know I’ve just got to be patient! As much as I dread finding a mistake, I do want to become more confident and able to deal with mistakes. So, I shall embrace the mistakes…or at least try!

Anyway, I’m off to get started on that stocking stitch before I have to go to bed.

Night all!


4 thoughts on “A Lot of Un-Knitting

  1. Looks like success! I think one of the keys to successful knitting is learning to fix mistakes. When I first started knitting I would make swatches and intentionally drop stitches or make other mistakes, so I could figure it out. That was really helpful.

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  2. Nice job catching that before it became a huge problem! I dropped a stitch in my first knitted piece and never noticed. It was a chunky scarf so it didn’t take long to knit. I ended up pulling the whole thing out because the stitch had unraveled all the way to the bind off row! But I’m much better at knitting now that I was then, so the scarf came out way prettier the second time. šŸ™‚

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