Day 17 Project: Jumper

The front panel is complete! I didn’t get much knitting done last weekend but the weekend before I knit a lot. So, based on that, I think that it will probably take me 3 weeks to complete the back panel that I started the other night. 

Not too sure about the sleeves, but let’s say it will take between 4 and 5 weeks to complete both of them. That just leaves the neckband and actually putting it all together. Let’s face it, I’m probably going to let the bits sit around for a little while. I can never get into sewing it all together at first. Once I start it is more motivating seeing it all come together though.  Giving 2 to 3 weeks for this takes me to sometime in April as the target finish date.

I’m going to Norway in April. So would be good to get to wear it then. If I’m almost finished in the weeks coming up to going away, then I will probably be quite motivated to get it finished, so I’m sure it is doable. Other than that, no doubt I will actually get to wear it here, because I don’t see it getting much hotter any time soon. I’m also one of those people who are just cold all the time! Brrr. I’m so excited about Norway, I’m going to Oslo. It’s just a long weekend, but it was so cheap because I’m going hand luggage only. Also, my friends live there, so I will be staying with them. I’m a bit short on days of holiday at my work since I’m going to Australia, so all long weekends are limited to a maximum of 2 work days off. I will be leaving on the Thursday afternoon and getting back on Sunday night. Other than that, I will be looking for overtime work so I can get some time in lieu built up.

Here is a picture showing the difference between the front and the back at the moment.

Now that I’ve had my coffee, I think I am awake enough for a little knitting!

Hope you all have a great day,


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