Mr Elephant is Almost Here!

He just needs eyes!

Day 1 million or something

Last light, I finally decided to put him together. I had sewn up the legs but was putting off doing more because I thought the sewing together part was really dull. Once I started stuffing him though, it was quite easy to continue (until 1am) because it was exciting finally seeing him come together. He is a little wonky and has a bit of a bumpy bum (I’m not the best at seeing up seams) but at least he has character! He is meant for my friends daughter, but I think I love him! I don’t want to give him away. He is in the perfect cuddling position, with arms and legs out.

My first hurdle was that the back and front body pieces didn’t come out the same size. I decided not to redo them because I didn’t know which one was the right one and it just seemed like a lot of effort when it probably wouldn’t be noticeable. I just had to bunch a few stitches up a bit, which gave him a little belly, so it worked out in the end.

Next step, attach some legs. Every leg came out a slightly different size. I’m not quite sure how, but again, it’s character, he definitely has a lot of character. My mum described him as unique.

Almost there, just one ear and the tusks to go. Sewing the ears on as evenly as I could was pretty difficult. Probably party due to the fact that I didn’t pin any pieces on when seeing them together. I just used the stitches as a guide. I did try at first, but the pins just got in the way. My way was quite difficult when I started until the two pieces were attached and then it was easy enough to just follow the stitches around.

And, he is done (ish). I have no black yarn for his eyes, so he will have to wait a little longer for the gift of sight. I do have dark blue wool that I could use though. Maybe he could just have blue eyes.

The only thing, other than his eyes, that I might do is reinforce his neck a little. I’m thinking if I’m going to (begrudgingly) give him to a child, that his neck might take quite a battering. So, to save the intended recipient a little trauma from ripping his head off by accident, I think I could give him a few more stitches around there.

Anyway, happy Monday!


14 thoughts on “Mr Elephant is Almost Here!

  1. Aw, he’s so cute! I can totally understand wanting to keep him for yourself. Nothing is more difficult for me than working on a project for someone else and loving it so much that I want to keep it. XD

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