I’m Going to Australia!


I booked my flights this afternoon. Now I’m wondering, if I can knit on the plane. The flight out is 24 hours and the flight back is 26 hours, so that is a lot of knitting time, or potentially not-knitting time! I have been searching online and it seems like I should be fine. It looks like it depends on the people at security. My airline doesn’t specify that they aren’t allowed, but I suppose the airport will have it’s own rules.

I have a plan though, I’m going to get a pair of plastic or bamboo circulars. I will get a set that isn’t particularly expensive, so that if I get to security and they do confiscate them, it won’t be the end of the world. I’m going to get the least intimidating pair I can find. Do any of you guys knit while flying? Any tips?

I’ve been spending this evening looking for things to knit in the air. I’m thinking socks would be good. How long do they usually take to make? I don’t want to be finished too soon! Something interesting enough, but not too complicated would be good. I’m travelling with a friend so don’t want to be super anti-social. My other thought was a scarf, something with a fairly light yarn, to save on weight.

I’m also not sure how much yarn I should take. I don’t want to waste too much room in my hand luggage. I’m one of those people who packs as much as possible in their carry on bag. I have the absolute fear that my hold luggage will get lost, so I make sure I can last as long as possible without it, and anything I care about, stays with me! Since it’s Australia, I will probably have about 5 bikinis stuffed in there. It is so much easier packing for warm weather, everything is small!

Since I’ve been looking at lots of flights recently and am now watching Eat, Pray, Love, I just want to go so many places! It’s a shame I can’t go on a 3 month holiday.

Anyway, I better get back to Eat, Pray, Love, so I can continue to be super jealous!


20 thoughts on “I’m Going to Australia!

  1. Congrats on booking your trip! 🙂 the rules slackened off a lot last year for knitting needles, i travel a fair bit and I went to Europe and back from Australia twice last year and had no trouble taking bamboo circulars or crochet hooks. Four different airlines and transitting through Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, no dramas. Also to the South Pacific with no trouble. I like to take something that needs little brainpower, like a plain beanie on a small circular, something very compact to keep the elbows in 🙂 and a finer yarn as there is so much more space to yardage ratio. I’d stay away from lace or anything complicated as it’s a bloody long way and you’ll be tired. 😴😴I do the opposite to you with hand luggage on long hauls, I carry only the necessities (knitting counts) in a handbag as the hours spent in airports waiting for your next flight is not much fun with a heavy cabin bag to lug around. Have never lost a bag in hundreds of flights (touching wood right now) but I totally understand your worry. 🙂 hope you have an AWESOME time! You’d certainly need a bikini right now, we are sweltering ☀️☀️☀️:)

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  2. Awesome. I agree with wolfberryknits. Take projects like socks or hats that not the most complicated pattern, as you will get distracted on the plane. Take just enough yarn to complete your project / s. 🙂
    Its pretty hot in the southern hemisphere around now, so brings lots of summery things. 🙂 And loads of space for yarns to go home with you.
    Have fun and I look forward to your travel blog posts. 🙂

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  3. I used to travel a lot on long haul flights from London to LA and had different experiences even though I only flew with Virgin! Generally though, airport security are fine with knitting needles, I’d recommend avoiding metal needles though. Also, scissors are usually allowed but they have to be less than 6cm from the fulcrum. One time, security at the departure gate tried to confiscate my tape measure (a gorgeous Cath Kidston retractable one) despite me having scissors and 3 balls of yarn as they thought it could be a ‘asphyxiation risk’ 😳. You never know what mood security can be in so always take equipment that aren’t expensive and don’t have any sentimental value just in case they do get confiscated! I’ve also flown to Japan and Philippines and never had an issue!

    Socks would be good, circulars are definitely better than straights so you’re not poking your neighbours with the ends of your needles!

    Have an amazing time in Australia!! 🙂


    1. Oh no! It sounds like you got to keep your tape measure in the end though? I think I will stick to the essentials, and not be taking anything I love. My neighbour will be my friend, but I still don’t think he will be at all impressed with me using straight needles. Thanks for the advice! 🙂


  4. Hope you have fun!
    I’ve never knitted on a plane but I’ve brought knitting needles with me in my hand luggage and not had any problems – they were bamboo needles.
    When I need a knitting project to keep my hands busy but want something simple so I can still watching things or talk to people, I like to knit dishcloths. Can never have too many dishcloths.


      1. Something to look forward to as the year ticks by then 🙂 Dishcloths are great because all they are are squares of cotton yarn but you can vary the level of detail and complexity to whatever you feel like doing that day.

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