A Netflix and Knit Weekend

After the shock to my body that was the return to work; not being able to eat on the hour, every hour, and take naps, I was looking forward to not doing very much this weekend. It was great!

I decided to start watching Making a Murderer (since everyone is talking about it) and to get lots of knitting done.

Day 51

I chose this project because it doesn’t require much thinking. Progress is still slow but I got a good few rows done. I worked out that it is taking me about 20/25 minutes to do each row of this one.

My new project is a baby hat.

Day 1

Once I had had enough of the cushion cover, I moved on to a new project. It was difficult to find a pattern that suited, I was limited as I only had 4 mm double pointed needles to work with as the patterns I found that I liked all seemed to be knitted in the round. I also wanted a fairly plain hat because the wool is speckled. I found one on Pinterest, it’s one with colour work but I just followed the pattern ignoring the instructions about the different colours. I’ve added the link below.


As I only have one size of double pointed needles I couldn’t change the needle size after the ribbing. I just decided to make the whole thing with the same size. I’m hoping it won’t make a huge difference. As I’m starting, the hat does look really tiny, it’s for a 6-12 month old though, so I suppose it is going to be pretty small.  

Also, the last time I knit in the round I ended up having my piece come out inside out. I’m not sure how I was doing it wrong, but this time it seems to be going right. I watched a few videos on YouTube and I think this is the right way. Is it up to yourself whether you want to work with four or five needles?

I also cast on using cable cast on because the pattern didn’t specify. I’ve not used it before but I quite liked it. My first 20 stitches or so were a bit tight which is a shame but it’s not too noticeable.

Day 2

Progress! I found out that stocking stitch is just knit stitch when in the round. Stockinette stitch and stocking stitch is the same thing, right?   

 And I’m finished!  

I hope it fits, but my friend did remind me that even if it doesn’t, she will have dolls.

An update on Project: Elephant.

Day 37

Look, I made an elephant!

 Maybe I’m not quite done, but I’ve only got to put him all together. So far I’ve sewn the legs up. I am a bit worried because the body front and back are different lengths! How did that happen? I must have miscounted, but which one is the right one? I’m thinking I might try just putting him together and hope for the best.

Anyway, I’m off to see the end of Making a Murderer.

Night everyone,


6 thoughts on “A Netflix and Knit Weekend

  1. Either you choose to knit with 4 DPNs or 5 is up to each knitter. Personally, I prefer to knit using 5 because I find I get less laddering that way but 4 means you can put half on your stitches on one needle and divide the remaining on the other two. Using 4 that way eliminates the need for a BOR marker.


    1. Laddering, is this what happens at the points where the knitting stops being on one needle and starts being on the next? Because, I did notice that the stitches at these points were a bit stretched, it wasn’t super noticeable or too unpleasant to look at but I thought that there must be a way to avoid this. I will try and find my 5th dpn and go for 5 next time, thanks!


      1. That is it, exactly. You can reduce laddering by giving an extra tug after knitting the stitch after the gap to tighten it up. I also periodically move the stitches on the needles, shifting four or five to the next needle so the gap isn’t always in the same line.

        The elephant looks so fun! I look forward to seeing it stuffed.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. I have never heard of a BOR marker, but I’m quite proud of myself if I have managed to work it out, is it a beginning of round marker? I split me stitches evenly because I didn’t realise you could split them unevenly. This would have made things much easier for me because I kept stopping and counting the stitches to check if I was back at the beginning. Very time consuming!


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