Happy New Year!

I’m back!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted much recently. December was a busy month for me. So many parties and events. Then, when the holidays came, I thought I would have lots of time for knitting and posting. Not so much, I’ve been meeting up with so many friends while I’m back home, as well as family catch up time, and of course, eating (and drinking).

I have squeezed in some knitting though, don’t worry!
I even got some knitting themed presents for Christmas. 

I’ll start with Project: Mr Elephant

Day 15

I decided to try and move this onto metal needles. Mainly because; they’re pink and happened to be the same size as the ones for this pattern.

It turned out to be such a great decision! My knitting has been so speedy! I love my bamboo needles, don’t get me wrong, they’re so nice to hold and have been so great for when working with really slippery yarn. They were also lovely to use until I became more confident with knitting. I think the fact that I’ve been able to use the metal needles must mean I’ve improved. The metal needles have also meant that I can take my knitting places. Before, I was a bit too worried that my bamboo needles would snap in my bag (especially since these ones are only 3.25 mm). So I’ve been knitting on the bus and train these days and it’s definitely helping to speed up this project. Eventually I plan to get some circular needles for knitting on the go, because it’s still not always that practical. I only really do it when it’s not too busy. I still need all the needle and elbow room!

Day 31

I now have a back, a front, a bum, four legs, an ear, and a head! Progress!

I think all I have left to make is the other ear and Mr Elephant’s sides and then it’s just to put him all together! Which, I’m thinking, might be quite difficult. We shall see.

Now for Project: Cushion Cover

Day 43

Progress with this one is slow, it’s just a little more boring since it’s the same thing over and over again. It is growing though. I think it looks like I’ve done less than I have, just one row takes an age! I do think this will look great once it is on a cushion.

I had a little accident a few weeks ago and broke one of the needles. It’s not completely snapped, but, it is catching the yarn so I think I might have to perform a little surgery with some tape.

Here’s the damage. Dun.



 I shall leave you with that. Hopefully you all had a fabulous New Year.

Happy knitting!


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