Project: Mr Elephant

I thought I better get started on a Christmas gift for my friends baby. I chose a stuffed elephant. Because I love elephants! Let’s see how this turns out…

Day 1

I’m starting with the belly. I had blue baby wool in my basket so went for that. (Plus that’s close to grey, right?) it’s nice working to a pattern after having been working on my cushion cover for the last little while. I’m finding the different projects good in different ways. The cushion cover is great because I don’t have to think, more time for chatting and watching TV! But, it can get a little boring. Working on Mr Elephant means that I have to concentrate for a lot of it, less chatting, but I’ve still got the TV on. It’s a Christmas film so hopefully won’t take too much attention to follow the plot. It’s nice to be working on something that’s more of a challenge.

Day 4

I’ve made the butt now too! I’m starting to get an idea of the size. So far the pattern is easy to follow and I’ve not gotten stuck on any of the instructions (yet). I had a quick scan to see what was involved before starting this project but just decided to go for it. Anything that comes up that I’m not sure of, then I will just work out how to do it. It’s on 3.25 mm needles, so thin! I like the look of the finer knit though, but it does feel like I just keep knitting and its growing so slowly! 

I move onto a leg and as I’m knitting it, I’m thinking it’s awfully long. I also start thinking about how much wool I’ve used. I bought an extra ball so there should be plenty! This is where I realise I’ve made a bit of a boo boo. Where it tells me to work in stoking stitch for 20 rows, I’ve actually made 40 rows! I don’t know why but for some reason I was thinking a knit row and a purl row shoul count as one row. Since I’m on my third section I figure I will just go with it and continue as I have started. Surely it will just make it the same but bigger…hopefully! I also feel it’s only appropriate that I rename this project; Mr Girelephant (half giraffe, half elephant).

Day 5

Unwrvelling and restarting!  I was knitting the back section and somehow ended up with one less stitch than I was meant to have. I think I must have cast on one stitch short at the beginning. I tried making an extra stitch in the middle of the next row but after a few more rows, I’ve decided that it’s really going to bug me! It sticks out like a sore thumb to me! This is different to the mistake I noticed on day 4. At least if all the sections are bigger than planned it doesn’t look like a mistake as long as they all fit together in the end (fingers crossed!). A random increase just upset the pattern. All the other shaping at the start of the section flowed well with the pattern but this just looks odd! I’m excited to get some more sections done so I can start to see them all fitting together! 

Can’t wait to meet Mr Girelephant!

Bye for now,


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