Happy St Andrews Day!

Tonight I’m getting ready for a course I am on at work tomorrow. I’ve to prepare a 10 minute training session on ANYTHING! I went for knitting since it’s interesting and fun, well I think so anyway, and I don’t think too many others will have chosen it. 

I’m a little worried, as it’s only 10 minutes. I don’t think I will be able to cover much. I’m thinking I will get them to cast on a small number of stitches (perhaps 5) so that we will have time to do a good few rows and then I can call it a scarf. Sounds a little more interesting than a square… I think I will test it out on my sister for timing, but I actually think she will be quite a natural at it. It’s the unknown of how easy my trainee will find it that is stressing me out!

I also feel like I should be doing more to prepare. I’ve knitted a “here’s one a made earlier.” I might call it a scarf for a mouse or something.


I guess doing some of my own knitting is acceptable preparation, right? I mean, I know how to do it, so I’m not too sure how else to prepare for it. Just got to remember to take my supplies tomorrow! That would be embarrassing, I would have to improvise a little. Not sure what I would use for wool though. I’m thinking I could definitely use pencils for needles, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!

Well, wish me luck! And happy St Andrews day!


3 thoughts on “Happy St Andrews Day!

    1. It went OK. We didn’t get very far but he did manage to get a row of 3 stitches in the 10 minutes (and he cast them on aswell). He was left handed so I felt so bad for him that I had to make him do it my way. I think if he had time to do a few more rows he would have gotten much better. I forget how awkward it must be to hold the needles when you have never knitted. Even though I’ve only just picked it back up, I was taught how to hold them and do the basic knit stitch pretty young, so I feel picking them up and knowing how to hold them comes pretty natural to me. I don’t think he will be joining the knitting world anytime soon but I think he had fun!


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