Netflix and Knit

I’m having a relaxing evening of knitting tonight.

I’ve gone for The Good Wife tonight. I think it’s perfect as you don’t have to pay 100% attention to it to keep up. I’ve tried American Horror Story in the past but I just end up kind of lost. It’s confusing enough anyway!

I’m working on my cushion cover tonight. I had to pull back some of it already, so frustrating, but I caught it early enough that it wasn’t too much work. The pattern should be easy because every row is the same, but I was making eggs (I’m very specific about how long I cook my eggs) and they need 9 and a half minutes to be perfect. This meant that I had to put my work down mid row and I must have picked it up and started again in the wrong direction.

You can see where there is a fork in the pattern. So I fixed it only to notice later, that I had done the same thing near the beginning as well. You can actually see that in the picture too. By the time I noticed I was too far to even consider going back. My plan is to keep knitting a few extra rows so I have a big enough square so that I can tuck it inside the seam when I put it all together. Then I won’t have to look at it, because it’s the type of thing that will really bug me!

The rest of my weekend consisted of afternoon tea and cocktails for my friend’s birthday, yum! Also some shopping for my work Christmas party. The party is on Friday! So soon! I’m glad to finally be sorted. Now I just can’t wait to dance! It’s so nice in town, now that all the Christmas lights are up. The Christmas tree in Jenners is amazing! It makes me so happy!

I’ll leave you at that.



3 thoughts on “Netflix and Knit

    1. Thanks, it’s never happened to me before (and I can’t believe I managed to do it and not notice), I must have been really tired. Every row of this one is knitted the same, so I think that’s how I didn’t notice for so long, I suppose if I was in stocking stitch it would have been pretty obvious once I got half way along and the stitch suddenly changed. Well I hope I would notice that! I’m sure I will be telling you all about it if it ever happens, haha, let’s hope it doesn’t.


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