Is this addiction?

I’ve been really busy this week and now that it’s getting closer to Christmas I’m getting even busier. I’ve barely had time to do any knitting and it is actually making me sad that I know I’m not going to have much time for it in the next few weeks. At the moment, I’m free on Sunday so am pretty excited for then. I mean, I knew I was enjoying it but didn’t expect to miss it so much. This is good though, because it means I won’t just forget about it for months on end, like the gym, I don’t feel this way about the gym…

I’ve been wanting to do some knitting on the bus, but I feel the needles are too long and I don’t want them to snap in my bag during the day (I have bamboo ones). I’m tempted by a pair of circular ones. I feel they would be more discreet and I would be less likely to be poking the passenger beside me as I knit. I’ve also heard good things about circular needles in general, so am keen to try them anyway. Then, I could have a small bus project to get my fix when I’m busy.

Alright, must dash!


P.S. I’m listening to a Christmas playlist on Spotify on my way to work this morning. Yippee! 4 weeks today is Christmas Day!

6 thoughts on “Is this addiction?

  1. From one new addict to another…..circular needles are definitely the answer to knitting when out and about. You can even knit while walking( work on something simple like plain afghan squares). I knit a lot of the plain squares for my latest afghan on the treadmill at home or walking up and down the garden path! I made a simple small cross body bag to hold the yarn leaving hands free to knit. So you can combine knitting and keeping fit!
    Good luck


  2. I always have a bag with knitting or crocheting with me, especially if someone else is driving or I know I’ll be in a waiting room for any reason. For the craft shows I usually take my spinning wheel:) Yes I’m addicted and also an enabler:) I enjoy seeing people cuddling my yarn, then I know it’s going to a loving home!

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  3. I take knitting with me just about everywhere. I tend to take smaller projects on double points or I take circulars. Straight needles, especially long ones, can be cumbersome to take around.


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