Project: Cupcake

Yesterday it was time for a trip to the craft shop! Yippee! I needed more wool so that I would have enough to complete a stuffed elephant (adventurous, I know) that I want to make. I needed one ball of wool, and one ball only. Like that was gonna happen. When I got in there, I realised I needed way more than that! I probably needed this stuff for a hat and maybe these ones for some socks that I will eventually make, right? And then, of course, I needed these new needles. Truthfully, I needed them because they were pink, but what other reason do you need? So, I came out a little heavier than I intended, but I love everything I got. I just want to keep touching my new yarn. It’s so irresistible. When I’m in the shop, I feel the need to touch every ball of yarn I pass. Then, once I’ve picked mine I can’t stop holding it, it’s so soothing. I’m one step away from crazy lady stroking her face with it.

Once I got back, I decided I was going to make a stuffed cupcake (oh, and I bought stuffing too). This was an idea I had for my friends birthday present. She loves cake!

Day 1

So, after some googling I found one that I liked the look of. Turns out it’s actually meant to be a pincushion but I figured I would just stuff it instead. Here is a link to the pattern I found:

It involved knitting on double ended needles. I’ve never done this before, but I have double ended needles (a previous purchase I just knew I would end up needing). They were a little smaller than the pattern required but I figured I would give it a go. The pattern was meant to work out bigger than what I wanted anyways, so I didn’t think it would be a problem. 

So, here I begin. I didn’t bother looking up my book to find out how you are supposed to knit this way, I just went for it.

Eventually, I realise that my pattern is the opposite to what it’s meant to be, but my thoughts at the time are that maybe I’ve to turn it inside out once I’m done. So I continue.


As I read on, it becomes apparent that I’ve not to turn it inside out, I think I’ve done this the wrong way. I think that maybe I’m supposed to knit with the pattern coming out towards me…I decide to go on as I am since I’ve got a flow. But instead I turn it outside in so it’s looking like the picture, and for every knit stitch, I do a purl stitch instead. As I continue with this, it does start looking more like it’s supposed to. The devastating thing is that the round with bobbles took me over an hour to do and because I had to turn it outside in you can’t even see them! It did still turn out looking pretty good though (and my friend pointed out that if it ever gets ripped open, at least it will look pretty on the inside too). At one point I found myself two stitched down and could only find one that I could pull back up, so, I’m hoping it is still going to hold together. It seems fine…strangely. 

The finished product?

I got so excited about it that I stayed up til 2am making it even though I had work today. Glad I got it finished though.

I will probably squeeze in some knitting before bed, because I’ve got a pretty busy week ahead, I fear I won’t have enough time for it later in the week! 

So, goodbye from a pretty tired knitter.


7 thoughts on “Project: Cupcake

  1. So cute! I’ve knitted with circular needles before, fine with those, but I’ve never knitted in the round with double pointed needles – for some reason the idea of that scares me, it just looks tricky πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I should stick to circular needles as much as possible then, I’d probably have a right mess on my hands if I tried double pointed – I’m a somewhat messy and unorganised knitter!

        Liked by 1 person

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