The Adventure Begins

As one of my friends came closer to her due date, I became determined that I was going to knit the baby something. I had no idea what, just something. I figured the present would be a success no matter how it turned out because if it turned out right? Great! If it turned out a disaster?  Well, at least my friend would get a good laugh.

At the time my knitting skill stretched from cast on, to knit stitch, to cast off. Yes, I could knit a square. Or, a rectangle, therefore I was pretty much limited to a scarf. Do babies even wear scarves? I’m pretty sure that’s all I had ever knitted. I should also mention that the last time I knitted was years ago, when I was in school. So, my mum had to give me a bit of a refresher on said skills.

Next step: decide what to make. I started with a Pinterest search. “Free knitting patterns for babies” led me to some little mittens. They looked doable to me. My next hurdle was that I had never read a knitting pattern. What is this language?! Google was my saviour. Also, YouTube.
My first mitten (my practice mitten) took me an entire day! I did learn so much in that day though. Purl stitch, knit two together, knit two together through the back loop, stocking stitch, ribbing and I learnt how to drop a stitch.

The final product turned out pretty good. I used baby cashmere merino silk wool and they were just so soft! My friend was pretty pleased too.

I really enjoyed making this gift Nd am so proud that they turned out well. I can’t wait for my next project. I thought I would invite you all to follow my progress. Eventually, I would love to be able to knit a jumper for myself. I would like to become more confident before I move onto something so big. I bought a book on knitting and have found a new project. I’m going to make new cushion covers. In my book, I found a technique called twice knitting which gives a nice texture. I’m going to start with that. I’ve chosen the wool. I eventually managed to decide on a turquoise/blue and a pink.

Feel free to follow my journey and wish me luck!


10 thoughts on “The Adventure Begins

  1. My first project was a hat for my husband. I used giant needles and acrylic yarn. It was a garter stitch square that I folded in half and seamed across the back and top. He never did wear it. Hehe 😉


  2. You’re kidding, is that the pair you knit in the picture? My first mittens were a disaster, I’m baffled at how you got the hang of it so fast! (In a good way!)

    Amazing work, keep it up!


    1. Thank you! I did have a practice pair and I had been knitting little squares of the stocking stitch until I got the hang of it. There are a couple of mistakes on one of them once it gets to the shaping, but at the time I thought I would end up making more of a mess if I unraveled so I left them, I was hoping it was only really obvious to me. I also used bamboo needles because I read that they were good for beginners because the wool grips to them better.

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